Date: 08/03/2020 9:00 am
Event Location: Sana'a, Yemen, Yemen Center for Information Technology in Higher Education
Organized by: ArabWIC Yemen Chapter in collaboration with IEEE-Yemen subsection

Celebrating the International Women Day, ArabWIC-Yemen chapter in collaboration with IEEE-Yemen subsection held Women in Data Science event in Sana’a, Yemen (WiDS Sana’a) on March 8th, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Yemen Center for Information Technology in Higher Education, Algiers St – the intersection of Amman Street, Sana’a, Yemen.

WiDS features outstanding women doing outstanding work as an independent event to coincide with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. .  This event is sponsored by TeleYemen, Yemen Center of Information Technology in Higher Education, and the National Microfinance Foundation.

WiDS Sana’a was rich and specialized in its content and participation while it included multiple keynotes, Fadia Al-Bahr & Amal Al-Saqqaf – from ArabWic Yemen chapter. Dr. Fuad Abdulrazzaq – President of Yemen Center for Information Technology in High Education. Dr. Abdulqader Al-Abbadi – Secretary of IEEE-Yemen subsection. Manal Al-Ghafery – TeleYemen. Amal Sumairi – National Microfinance Foundation.

The minister of higher education of Yemen Mr. Hussein Hazeb has actively participation in this event.

The event has included technical talks presented by Yemeni women researchers in data science. It dealt with several topics such as Empowering Yemeni Women in Data Science – Arwa Y. Aleryani, Associate professor in Information Technology, Independent Researcher, Canada (remote speaker).

Crypto-currencies – Roqia Al-Hamdi, Lecturer at the National University and Sana’a Community College, Sana’a.

Data Science in Business: BITCOIN as An Example – Amal Al-Shargabi, Assistant Professor, College of Computer, Qassim University, SA (remote speaker).

Improved Model for Semantic Information Retrieval – Hiba Al-Marwi, Lecturer, Faculty of Computer Science, Sana’a University.

Recommender Systems – Nejood Al-walidi, PhD student, Information System and Technology, Cairo University, Egypt (remote speaker).

Big data technologies and tools – Suad Othman, Lecturer, Faculty of Computer Science, Sana’a University.

The Importance of Data Pipeline in Data Science – Samar Bashath, Independent Researcher, Computer Science, International Islamic University, Malaysia (remote speaker- video record).

Data Mining – Neama Dahan1 – Lecturer, FCIT, Sana’a Univerity & Haiam al-jabali -Vice president, ArabWIC Yemen-Chapter & Freelancer.

Furthermore, the event had attended by professors from Yemeni universities in Sana’a, and many attendees from both genders.

The event is organized under a limited license from Stanford University to use its WiDS logos and marks, and Stanford University is not responsible for the event or any content and/or materials.