Date: 10/06/2018 12:00 am
Event Location: , Qatar,

Youth Mobile

ArabWIC with collaboration with UNISCO had carried out 9 sessions over 9 weeks with a delightful bunch of students, where the students received over the weeks an intensive training on mobile app programming.

The students received a nine-week intensive training on mobile app programming, coding, innovation and entrepreneurship from computer scientists, teachers and coding experts, and were invited to present the mobile apps they created to a large audience and judges. The theme of the competition was “Helping My School” and its objective is to empower students to find local solutions to the problems they face in schools through mobile technology.

Students from grade eight and seven were tasked with using App Inventor, an open-source web application developed by MIT Media Lab, to design and build mobile apps that could positively improve their school environment and educational experience. Aged 11 to 14, they developed mobile apps to help their peers complete their homework, report incidents and injuries in schools, organize class schedules, help students with disabilities communicate with others, collect and share class notes, and manage the distribution of meals in school cafeteria.