Date: 26/10/2016 3:00 pm
Event Location: Bizerte, Tunisia, ISET

Participation at GDG DevFests Part 1

GDG DevFests are the biggest Google related events organized  by GDG community. They are planned and coordinated independently in each local all over the world. The content and the design of each GDG event is unique and so was the GDG Bizerte event held this year on the 26th of October in ISET Bizerte, Tunisia .

This global event, in its 4th edition, was organized by GDG Bizerte and Women Techmakers Bizerte in partnership with ArabWIC Tunisia and ISET Bizerte IT Club.

Hosted by Boudour AYACHI, Women Techmakers Bizerte leader, Google Developer Group Bizerte manager and press coordinator in ArabWIC Tunisia, the event was filled with brilliant speakers and mind-blowing conversations about the latest technologies. We had the honor to have Alaedin ZIDI who talked about Google Firebase Platform, a mobile plateform that helps developers build high quality apps, grow user base and earn more money. In addition, we had a session « Developing Android App for Billion » led by Farouk TOUZI to speak about tools and infrastructure needed to build better apps and grow a successful business.
The serie of sessions continued with Youssef TRABELSI who introduced the design language developed by Google, Google Material Design, used for Android devices. And the last session « Google Analytics vs Firebase Analytics » was discussed by Hatem BEN YOUSSEF. He explained how users anticipate in order to get a consistent user experience.

Outside conference room, ArabWIC Tunisia was present. We ran a stand information in order to introduce our organisation, its main goals and activities. Amazingly, we had a very positive response from people; more than 50 were motivated and submitted their application to join our organisation.

Back inside, in the talk panel, we had the intervention of our dearest Afef GAFSI, ambassador of ArabWIC Tunisia in ISET Bizerte and Hala MEDIOUNI, our ambassador in Faculty of Sciences Bizerte. They discussed the lack of women in technology & entrepreneurship and how working collectively and commitment improve women’s participation in tech industry.

The GDG DevFest event continued till evening where we had two workshops. The first one was with Alaeddine ZIDI,  about Google Firebase Plateform (CodLab). It aimed to develop an android group chat application using Firebase realTime Database.
As for the second workshop « Android developer’s performance and security toolbox », it was led by Taha HISHRI. During which, participants discovered some tools for apps performance monitoring, like debugging and protection against reverse engineering.
More than 300 attendees took part in GDG DevFest Bizerte event : 10% professionals, 80% students. Most of them were female participants 70%.

The media coverage of the event was huge. We had press like thd (, Press ISETBizerte Club, Local Media in Bizerte and even live brodcasting on facebook. You can find links below. The event was trending on twitter with Hashtag : #GDG #GDGBizerte #DevFest16 #Womentechmakers #WTMBizerte

To know more about the event you can visit and watch thses videos :

Motivation and positive response from participants prompt us to do better and better each time. Dear followers, stay tuned and wait for new upcoming events.
Our next stop will be in Monastir, with another GDG DevFest. If you are near make sure to attend this event in order to meet our ambassadors and speakers or you can follow us on social media.