Date: 18/03/2017 12:00 am
Event Location: Nablus, Palestine,
ArabWIC Palestine, GDG Nablus and Palestine Tech Meetups

Women in Tech (International Women’s Day Event) 

Nablus, Mar 18, 2017

ArabWIC Palestine, GDG Nablus and Palestine Tech Meetups organized an event to celebrate Women in Tech on the International Women’s Day.

The event started with Rola Makkawi, a computer engineering student at An-Najah University, where she welcomed the audience. Engineer Alaa Shaheen talked about a modern technology of Progressive Web Apps and then engineer Yasmin Amer talked about the GitHub followed by a talk for the student Rola Makkawi about the TenserFlow, and then the student Sarah Mahmoud talked about Women Tech Makers and invited the audience to join them.

Then Haneen Salameh made a recreational paragraph for the attendees, followed by a panel discussion moderated by engineer Aya Soufan, which was formed by Bisan Abou Joudeh, the entrepreneur who founded the company BuildPalestine, Dr. Mona Dmaidi, who works at An-Najah National University, Eng. Yousra Abdul Haq, who has about ten years experience in computer engineering and Eng. Ala Shaheen, who has five years experience in computer engineering and volunteer in many youth and technical initiatives.

A number of special issues were discussed in the field of work and many tips were given on the best time to complete the postgraduate studies or enter the field of entrepreneurship. The speakers stressed the need for girls to enjoy the spirit of initiative, challenge and independence. It is possible to face issues in the workplace or study place and how to overcome them and the need for women to support each other were also some of the topics discussed by the panel.

The conference was more than successful, where the audience benefited greatly from the various sessions and was a good networking opportunity.