We are a new chapter located in Paris, and it is the third most visited country in the world. It’s also one of the greatest destinations for Arab students and Engineers who are looking for new opportunities to boost their professional career. Our aim is to convince the talented women involved in IT field to join our newborn community.

What makes us different is:

Our focus on women’s enrollment in computer science courses, their involvement in industry and academia, on the gender gaps, the positive trends as well as the barriers in the field.

Our goal to create and maintain an inclusive environment


Best ArabWIC chapter in Excellent Community Involvement, 2019

Leadership team

ArabWIC Chapter’s President Ouijden Dhemaied
ArabWIC Chapter’s Vice President Samia JNINI
ArabWIC Social Media Coordinator Salma Belmhani
VP Website Coordinator Kawtar JNINI
VP Membership Coordinator Samia JNINI
VP Event Coordinators Meriam bouguerra
VP Public Relations Ibtihaj Al Zahdi, Kaoutar Sebbar”
Press Coordinator Hanaa Ait Ahmed
Blog Coordinator Ouijden Dhemaied, Ibtihaj AL ZAHDI
Mentoring Coordinator Ouijden Dhemaied, Samia JNINI
University and Companies Ambassadors Salma Belmhani, Kaoutar Sebbar
VP of Partnerships and Fundraising Ouijden Dhemaied

Chapter events

Women in Data Science – Paris by Women Power IT France

Date: 06/06/2020 4:00 pm
Event Location: , , Événement en ligne