ArabWIC’s mission is to support, inspire, retain, encourage collaboration, increase visibility and status of women in computing, enabling them to achieve their career aspirations. All are welcome with an interest in the Arab region, including the Middle East and North Africa and beyond.

ArabWIC has conducted an international in-person conference every two years.
In 2021 we will deliver a three-part conference on June 5 (Tech Day), June 12 (Career Day), June 19 (WiDS Paris @ Women Power IT), June 26 (WiDS Istanbul @ ÜsküdarUniversity) and August 25 (Research Day) with the following goals:

  • Energize the community – both as individuals and as chapters
  • Provide a focus and goal for the members to aim for, and to foster a collaborative spirit
  • Build connections across the members and externally outside the community
  • Engage the members with the international research, academic, industry, and entrepreneur, communities world-wide
  • Deliver a body of digital materials for ArabWIC in 2021 in the form of recordings, papers, summaries, and blogs, to attract new members, and to build reputation and eminence

Call for Papers and Talks

Call for Proposals – Lightning Talks in ArabWIC 2021


Alongside the different strong panels and talks, ArabWIC 2021 will include an attractive selection of lightning talks which will be concise (5 minutes each) talking about appealing technical topics on Tech Day (5 June 2021) and career topics on Careers Day (12 June 2021).

ArabWIC 2021 welcomes lightning presentations covering diverse topics including general ideas in the computing field, successful projects, stories about experiences, demonstrations, innovative ideas, research ideas, awareness messages, journeys, advice, and invitations to collaborate.

Please remember to focus on one idea in a brief rapid-fire style to generate a high-level of interest and follow up conversations during Q&A sessions.

Please submit your proposal here in the following format:

  • Speaker’s name, affiliation, email address and LinkedIn
  • Talk title (Up to 10 words)
  • Talk description (Up to 80 words)

As part of our review, we will confirm that your talk is of interest to a general technical audience, and we will also check your prior work and your digital footprints (e.g. blogs, publications and presentations).

Note that should your lightning talk be accepted, we will require your slides 10 days before the event and your talk is strictly 5 minutes.

There will be 2 awards:

  • People’s Choice – Best Lightning Talk – Tech
  • People’s Choice – Best Lightning Talk – Careers

ArabWIC conference will be free to attend this year.

Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline for proposals: April 17, 2021
  • Acceptance notification: May 15, 2021
  • Submission of presentations: May 28, 2021

In case of questions, please contact us at

We are looking forward to your proposals.

Tech Day

Post-pandemic effect on digital transformation

The pandemic caught companies off guard and challenged their digital readiness, businesses were impacted tremendously, new challenges rose and digital transformation is now fast forwarded. The pandemic has reshaped many industries including healthcare, education, finance and e-commerce. This panel is hosting key speakers from different industries to tell us their side of the story: how the pandemic changed their industry, key challenges they have faced and how they envision the post pandemic future.




Tech Day – Keynote & Panel

Recording Keynote and Panel Presentation Keynote Presentation Keynote_Dr_Rahma_Beaugrand

Tech Day – Lightning Talks

Recording Lightining Talks Presentations Design thinking process to develop interactive story app Ehmouda_Hadeel_LightningTalk Long-Term Digital...

Tech Day – ArabWIC Chapters Showcase Presentations

Recording Chapters Showcase Presentations

Tech Day – Jumpstart your chatbot Journey

Recording Jumpstart your chatbot Journey

Career Day

Careers day panel: Careers in Tech – Stories from MENA

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation” ~ Birgham Young

In the last decade females advanced in the professional fields of STEM shedding light into modern workplace challenges like equity, discrimination, pay gaps, leadership and decision making. However, each of these women have their own side of the story to tell. Join us for an inspiring panel to hear prominent Arab women from a variety of different industries, backgrounds and roles. We will discuss what it is like to be a woman in tech, the pathways that led them to where they are today, and opportunities in the Arab region.




Career Day – Keynote

Recording Keynote

Career Day – Panel Careers in Tech

Recording Panel

Career Day – Lightning Talks

Recording Lightning Talks Presentations Maintaining an impressive Github profile Fadel_Yasmine_LightningTalk Your toolkit to transition from...

Career Day – Chapters presentations

Recording Chapters presentations

Career Day – Recruiting and Jobs

Recording Recruiting and Jobs

Research Day


ArabWIC 2021 Research Day: ArabWIC 7th International Conference on Arab Women in Computing

In Conjunction with 2nd Forum for Women in Research as Part of the ArabWIC 2021 Conference Series

August 25, 2021

ArabWIC will be held online due to COVID-19. For more details about the Research Day CFP, registration, and program

Please visit this page:



Research Day – Opening

انطلاق أعمال المؤتمر الدولي السابع للمرأة العربية في الحوسبة بجامعة الشارقة

Conference Registration


Program committee – Tech Day: Nour Alkhalil
Program committee – Careers Day: Alaa Shaheen
Program committee – Research Day: Kaoutar Elmaghraoui, Laila Benhlima, Manar Abu Talib
Program committee – Lightning Talks: Sirine Taleb & Oum El Kheir Boumeddane
Program committee – Panels: Nour Alkhalil & Ouijden Dhm & Ashwag Alasmari
Program committee – Chapters: Manar Abu Talib & Samia Jnini
Publicity committee: Rasha Morsi & Maryam Shaheen
Digital Materials & Website committee: Ruba Awayes & Nour Alkhalil
Partner & Awards committee: Diane Jordan & Imane Benkhelifa
WiDS Paris @ Women Power IT: Samia Jnini –France Chapter
WiDS Istanbul @ Üsküdar University: Rowanda Ahmed – Turkey Chapter

Conference Program

Tech Day

5 June 2021, Part 1 – Tech Day Start 4pm UAE; 3pm KSA, Lebanon, Turkey; 2pm Egypt, France; 1pm Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, UK; noon UTC/GMT; 7am US Eastern

4 hours including breaks & optional workshop

Sessions In English – Sessions will be recorded –

Career Day

12 June 2021, Part 1 – Career Day Start 4 pm UAE; 3 pm KSA, Lebanon, Turkey; 2 pm Egypt, France; 1 pm Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, UK; noon UTC/GMT; 7 am US Eastern

3 hours including breaks

Sessions In English – Sessions will be recorded –